EdTech501 Additional Artifact #1

For my first additional artifact I decided to create a blog with Ed Tech Tips for instructors at Santa Fe Community College. This has been an interesting experience – firstly it really helped me become even more comfortable using Word Press and secondly it made me carefully think about what other instructors may find helpful. We have people with a wide comfort range around technology issues, from people who try to avoid all technology to those like myself, who want to try every new thing that they hear about.

I spent a lot of time thinking about whether some new idea I had heard about would really be useful to write about, or whether I should stick to basic beginner subjects. I ended up doing a blend, but really not delving too far into esoteric ideas that might overwhelm some readers.

Not unsurprisingly, I have heard from instructors who love technology that they like reading my blog, but it seems as though those who avoid the subject also avoid learning and reading about it. The Center for Learning Excellence staff, that helps promote technology learning on campus, are my biggest supporters. Instructors in my own department (Trades and Advanced Technologies), seem fairly disinterested, despite our department title.

Last week I was at the national conference on energy efficiency and was asked to give a presentation on educational technology for hands-on learners. Many of my friends there had no idea there were so many great tools for instructors to use, and were extremely interested and enthusiastic, so I decided to modify my blog so it was not just specifically for SFCC instructors, but would be helpful for others as well.

I will continue to add to it every week or two as I come across interesting ideas I would like to share.

Here is a link to my blog.

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